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Why Hand2Band is unique?

Development Just in Time

Specialists and projects delivered in the moment you need them

Communication Just in Time

High responsiveness to messages

Care Just in Time

Levelheaded attitude to problem-solving resulting in support with all possible issues

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We feel best in


Tech in the service of a prolonged, healthy life. Modern challenges require modern solutions.

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Sustainable energy needs smart IT solutions, for a faster adaptation and scalability.

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Work safety analysis should be a must have, not a nice to have. To reduce risks and continue production.

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To reduce waste and assure quality, tech can can help to analyse, whats good and whats not.

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Body health leads to performance and general health. Sport analysys is the way to go.

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Smart solutions to service specific clients via the web can be a do or die for any business.

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We help with

Dedicated teams

Successful projects equal close-knit teams. People working on your projects are assured to be experienced, responsive, and communicative. Those features provide you with the confidence of full engagement in your projects.

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Team Extension

We provide our clients with team extensions just in time. You do not have to worry about timing problems - Our specialists provide servicies much faster than potential employees who go through HR processes

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Biz/Tech consultancy

We want to share with you a longtime experience. Working in technology, sales and obtaining funds for start-ups and high-tech projects made us experts in these fields. We want to share our knowledge and provide you with business/technical consulting.

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We work just in time.
If you are the one, you will be matched to a project as soon as possible and quickly build your new career path.
You will grow as an individual, as the company scales, through our mentoring programs and training sessions.
You will know what you are responsible for immediately.


It is easy and fast.
Apply to us via our recruting system by simply following the guide. Our HR team will contact you to make an appointment for a technical interview. After the interview, if you are chosen, we will inform you about the start of the onboarding process within a couple of days.

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Moving In IT? - Partner-up

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H2SH - H2SoftwareHouse

What do we understand as cooperation?

Mutual help in timely project delivery. Assistance in developers’ allocation. The number of our partners proves our expertise in cooperation. We treat it as our priority, and we promise you responsiveness and velocity. The result of this promise is matching developers to noteworthy projects effectively.

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H2W - H2Work

What is flexibility?

For us, flexibility is working with independent developers on B2B contracts. You can work with us full/part-time and build business with international clients entirely remotely. What does it mean for you? Possibility to balance work and private life. Good value for money. Matching your diversified commercial experience to the accurate project.

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H2V - H2Vendor

Who we can help?

Project teams who expect assistance with clients and support of high technological and personal volume. Independent vendors looking for developers and searching for opportunities to allocate them. International corporations seeking help in the demand and supply of developers.